Our History

My name is Adam Eckstrom. I am half of a collaborative art team Ghost of a Dream, and we have built a small collection of artwork we love through trades and edition exchanges. We have been participating in a yearly print exchange in Wassaic, where we have been core members/ Embedded Critics  of the Wassaic Project for a number of years now. I also co-founded an artists residency program in Italy called ArtGarda. During our first session of ArtGarda the group really clicked, so we created an ArtGarda edition exchange. Now all the residents from our first session at ArtGarda have 8 great artworks of artists they know and admire. 
Beyond being an artist, participating in residencies, editions, and founding an artist’s residency, I also work as a freelance curator putting shows together in various places. I am constantly thinking about what work is exciting, and has the best conversation with what other work. I came up with the idea of ArtForArtists, an invitational curated art exchange, to encourage and enable artists to share their work with each other.   

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable artists to be able to collect the work of other artists through edition exchanges.  I curate small groups of artists and then organize edition exchanges where every participant in the group gets a piece from every other participant in the group.  The groups will include 6-11people for each edition depending on the individual curation. The edition number will be 3 larger than the number of artists participating in any given exchange; 1 of those will be for the permanent collection of ART FOR ARTISTS, and the other 2 will be for sale at a later date to cover costs of ART FOR ARTISTS or to benefit arts organizations like ArtGarda or Wassaic Project.
While we realize many artists are not usually working with editions like printmakers or photographers traditional would.  With that in mind, we welcome and encourage "editions" of similar works. This is why we call this an edition exchange, rather than a print exchange.